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Fanny Pack Men For Telephone On Strap

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Men's Fanny Pack men for telephone on strap is designed to protect your cell phone from damage or forgetting. Fanny Pack men for phone on the belt has a classic and attractive look. Fanny Pack men for phone on belt is easy to open and close by a flap. Fanny Pack men for phone on belt has a buckle that allows you to attach it to your waistband for an elegant look. It is perfect for people who need to have their hands free at work. It is also suitable for people who use their cell phone frequently and want to keep it safe.

  • Pocket: simple pocket with snap closure
  • Material: Made of nylon and oxford.
  • Wash: Hand wash
  • Strap: adjustable
  • Wearing style: Belt.
  • Size (length): 17 cm