Our story


In the city of Toronto there was a small fashion store that specialized in beautiful handmade leather Fanny Packs. The store owner had lived in Canada for many years and had developed an eye for detail and quality. He knew exactly what it took for a bag to stand out: high quality leather, unique patterns, and exceptional craftsmanship.

The store owner was my grandfather, his name was William or Will as his friends called him, and he quickly became known around town as "the man with the most beautiful Fanny Packs". His store quickly gained a good reputation among the locals, who appreciated his attention to detail in each of his creations.

Will's customers were always delighted with their purchases; they loved the soft, luxurious leather, the intricate patterns, and most of all, the way each Fanny Pack seemed to capture the essence of Canadian style. It wasn't long before Will's amazing products became known and people started coming from all over Europe to buy them!

And the one writing these lines is Emily, his granddaughter. I decided to take it a step further and start my own brand, My Fanny Packs, dedicated exclusively to making high quality, affordable and cosmopolitan Fanny Packs, just like my grandfather had done.